Tuesday, 15 January 2013


It's been a long while since I've written any poetry but I have been following an associated dream.

I'm currently studying Music Technology/Production which is teaching me to use Reason 6 to make my own beats and to also add my lyrics. I have so many song lyrics which have built up over the years and have been dying to make my own music, however the opportunity never arose before.

I'm no singer mind you, although I can rap and chat reggae DJ style in the comfort of my own home that is not my ambition. I would like to write songs for other artists to perform as stage fright doesn't even cover how I feel when I get up on stage and recite my poetry, besides, I've never actually wanted to be a performer, I much prefer to be behind the scenes and I have no desire whatsoever to be famous and all that brings with it!

I'll post a YouTube video of the first song I produce when I finish my course in April.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Hello and welcome to my blog where you will find a collection of my poetry.

I've been writing for over twenty years and have many a handwritten notebook and A4 sheets. A notebook is never far away and even occupies a space on my bed as ideas come to me most when I'm trying to get to sleep!

I still frequently use a pen and paper despite being able to type really quickly as I find the words come to me at any time. This is one of many blogs I write to help and support people.

I am what you might call a hypersensitive. I feel the pain and suffering in the world. My body feels physical pain when others are in pain and joy when others are happy.

I tingle when I see someone overcoming their nerves to do perform and admire them greatly wishing I was so brave. That is not to say that I am not brave, I'm just not ready to be the performer I would love to be - my mum is currently the only person who's functions I perform at.

I regularly feel out of place in this world because I care too much but use my gift of writing to help inspire and uplift all those I come into contact with that want it.

I say that because not everybody wants to change their situation, many are just happy moaning about it. But, for everyone who does want help or advice there isn't much I haven't experienced. It keeps me going to think that using my experiences to help other people is the reason so many 'bad' things happen to me.

I am a Virgo, we love to make things perfect and we love to help people and fix things. Our intentions are always good. I don't follow horoscopes but there are undeniable characteristics shared between Zodiac signs once social factors like family, friends and environment have been taken out of the equation.

Although I do not follow any religion I did have a religious upbringing and have taken those values throughout my life. I use my writing to provoke thought and consideration of others, to educate, inspire and provide hope for people who need it.

Hope you enjoy it!